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Ukiyo Glass Tea & Fruit Infuser & Bottle

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Ukiyo™ Sense is a high quality double-wall reusableglass tea infuser. Brew your favourite loose leaf tea or fruit infusion and keep it warm - or cold - the way you like it.

It includes a neoprene sleeve to help keep you drink hot - or cold - for extra hours, so you can enjoy your favorite tea or flavoured water anytime. It will insulate the heat without burning your fingertips. Or you can just play it cool with a fruit or herbal chilled brew. The filter is made out of stainless steel mesh, resistant to odours, stains and bacteria. The central section is made of food-grade silicone and plastics, designed to withstand heat and humidity.

How to use: To filter your brew, just place your favorite tea blend in the glass lid, then add hot water to the insulated double-wall glass bottle. Twist and seal them together, and turn the Ukiyo Sense on its head. Now the hot water will filter through the stainless steel mesh strainer to create your perfect brew. Tilt the bottle at a 45° degrees angle to let the tea flow across the sections. Flip it over when you have the strength you want. You’ll know by the color.

The bottom glass has acapacity of 260ml or 8.8oz glass cups are made of high-quality borosilicate glass. Bottom glass cup has double-wall design for insulation. Screwable central section with 304 stainless steel mesh. Central leak-proof sealing made of food-grade silicone seals. Central soft touch section made of food-grade plastics. The infusion happens in the glass parts.


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