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Hikari Single Cultivar Matcha - 30g

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Origin: Matchaful

Pesticide-free • Single Origin • Solar Shaded

Hikari, our Single Origin Ceremonial Matcha, offers a smooth and creamy palette with tasting notes of walnut, lemon, and butter. This robustly-bodied matcha is our go-to for creative lattes and smoothies.

Sustainably grown in the hills of Shizuoka, Japan, this unique tea is carefully crafted from hand-picked tea leaves of the green tea shrub. What makes Hikari special is its authentic makeup of 100% Japanese matcha from a single source, in comparison to most matcha products which are often blends from multiple farms or mixed with green tea.

Sourced from a multi-generational single estate, Hikari is ground to order from first harvest tea leaves. It is pesticide-free, fertilized with organic materials, and shaded by solar panels. At Matchaful, we believe you should know where your matcha came from and the journey it took to get to you, from farm-to-whisk™


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